Thursday, February 18, 2010


Do squat but do it right

Most don't know squat about squat. See and learn like I had to. Don't ruin your good knees. The key is to extend your arms way out front to balance the right squat.

Be safe.

Side bench stepup

Unsupported row

1 leg squat - rear leg elevated

Twisting Lunges

great exercise for overall lower body and core strength and conditioning.

Bench bridge

great exercise for the hamstrings, which can help balance out those overdeveloped skier quads.


Your legs, hips, and lower back are doing all of the work here... your arms really aren’t doing any work at all...they are just the connector between your body and the external weight.

remember to initiate from the hips and shoulder

Snatch-sprawl burpee

your heart rate will be through the roof like you just ran a 100-meter excellent for strengthening your heart!

remember feeling of your heart in your throat... well, this will get you prepared.

1-Legged Romanian Deadlifts

Since skiing is such a quad-dominant activity, we really need this exercise to help keep the hamstrings in appropriate strength ratio with the quads.

Ultimate ski exercise. If you must, do this one and funny jumps and prisoner's squat..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

IT band

Knee stretch

One more.

Just for fun



Balancing act

one leg

Mobility warmup

warmup and stretching

You quit because you are older...

I met a Canadian from Squamish, British Columbia on the 2nd day of Haute Route. He used to telemark and now he parallels. Well, I don't want to just rely on parallel turns. It is too much fun to miss.

Yes, if you parallel ski, you are missing something; telemark turns. I do parallel turns but the most enjoyable ski experience is telemark turns. It makes me feel I am in a luge going fast and stable in big forever arcs. When doing a good carve, centrical force makes the telemark stance so natural.

This is the site for stretches and conditioning and exercises that will help me enjoy "telemark ski forever".